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D-Rats is a multi-platform integrated tool for communication using the Internet and / or D-STAR radios. With only a pair of radios (or an entire repeater stack) a variety of data transmission methods are supported, including:
• Instant-message chat and ICS Forms Transfers
• Automatic beacon messages
• File transfers from computer folders with error detection
• Structured ICS and other forms
• GPS position reports
• And much more!

D-Rats works with Windows and Linux systems such as Ubuntu.

Click HERE for a PDF file explaining more…D_Rats

There are two “ratflectors” supported by Ralph, W4ORL in Orlando that are used for hobby traffic and also during emergencies:

nfl.ratflector.net for emergency traffic

cfl.ratflector.net for routine and humanitarian traffic.

D-Rats is open for all to use – you do not need D-Star to operate it.

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